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    Sri Lanka The Asia Foundation

    Two years after Sri Lanka's historic 2015 elections ushered in a coalition government with a strong political mandate to pursue good governance, accountability, and reconciliation, citizens here remain hopeful that their expectations for broad based reform will be fulfilled. The Asia Foundation is committed to sustaining.

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    Sri Lanka Explore Parts Unknown

    The first time I went to Sri Lanka, 10 years ago, nobody talkednot about the important things. Not about the elephant in the room; what was obvious everywhere you looked: roadblocks, armed soldiers, a machine gun emplacement at the hotel. There was a war going on, a long, bloody, incredibly cruel ethnic war with.

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    Election Losses Test Sri Lanka's Leader, and the Country's Direction .

    Feb 11, 2018 . COLOMBO, Sri Lanka Local elections across Sri Lanka on Saturday were supposed to be about small issues, like installing street lighting for some neighborhoods and improving garbage sweeping in others. But the country's first postwar national government has stagnated, with the governing coalition.

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